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The Travel Industry Association of Florida's objective is to engage and build friendly relationships, to provide workshops and educational seminars for all members. We will continue bringing you new destinations, hotels, and other service offers over time keeping in line with our vision to serve you with only our best personal knowledge and experiences.The Travel Industry Association of Florida's endeavor is to assist all Travel Agents in receiving the latest information on suppliers in all aspects of the travel industry. Suppliers come from all over the world to our events to offer our agents valuable information and tools very much needed in today's selling market. At our events we also offer pre-networking opportunities so agents can meet other partners in the industry as well as the supplier's representatives. TIA of Florida believes that in today's economy these networking events have become beneficial in sharing ideas and partnering with fellow peers on groups and other projects. These events also include site inspection of the property where the event is being hosted. As you can see there are many benefits in joining the Travel Industry Association of Florida. What is most beneficial for our members is they are part of an association that still believes in, and supports The Travel Professional. The Travel Industry Association of Florida; educating travel agents since 1965 through events and Fam Trip opportunities. Come and join one of our events and see why our association will be a great asset for you and your business!

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